Christianity and animals

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  • Christianity and Animals
    • The bible suggests that animals were created for the use of mankind
    • Some Christians say that animals don't have souls, so God created us superior to them
      • Animals were never given the breathe of life (Adam was)
      • So some Christians say that animals are here for us to use
    • Teachings say that we should treat animals with kindness
      • But they can be used for our benefit
        • As long as their suffering is considered
    • Excessive money shouldn't be wasted on animals
      • Especially as some human beings are suffering
    • Some Christians say that everything is interdependent
      • Meaning everything is dependent on everything...
      • So our treatment of animals reflects on us
    • Roman Catholic church says that the use of animals should be monitoured
      • "In the light of ethical principles"
      • More likely to tolerate things like animal experimentation
        • If it will bring benefit to mankind
    • Society of Friends (Quakers(
      • Opposed to any ill treatment of animals
        • Especially for our pleasure
      • Don't like zoos, animal circuses, hunting


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