Christianity Practices

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  • Christianity (PRACTICES)
    • Worship
      • Litgurgical
        • there is a set structure to the worship
      • Non-Liturgical
        • Unscripted or improvised. No following a set structure or service.
    • Baptism
      • Believers
        • The person must have come to the mature decision about their faith.
      • Infant Baptism
        • Removes original sin.
        • Parents able to thank God
    • Pilgrimage
      • Religious journey for a purpose in order to become closer to God.
      • Why do people go?
        • Strengthen their beliefs
        • Go on a religious journey
        • Thanking God
        • Pray for something special
        • Looking for a cure
    • Role of Church in Local Community.
      • By community
        • Giving to Charity
        • Raising money
        • Preaching
        • Helping people in a bad place
      • The churches do
        • Soup kitchens
        • Youth Groups
        • Food Banks
        • Mother and Toddler Groups
    • Street Pastors
      • Help those in bad places at certain events
      • They are there when official authorities cannot help
      • They are not there to preach but to support them.


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