Christianity in the modern world

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  • Christianity in the Modern World
    • Cenus Results 2011: Christianity was the largest- 33.2million.
      • 14.1 had no religion. Second largest was Islam with 2.7million.
      • In London and other large cities there’s a greater diversity of religion.
        • Reconciliation:means to restore friendly relationships between people. Many Christians had disagreement in the past  (Protestants vs Catholics have fought for hundreds of years).
    • Traditions: “Keep one day of the week holy”. This is why there’s Sunday trading laws, meaning jobs can only open at specific times.
      • In court people are asked to swear to tell the truth, or if religious they swear by the holy book.
      • Christian hymns are used in national events such as band marches, etc.
      • Many people still have ceremonies that used to be religious such as weddings and funerals, etc.
        • Charities: *Tear fund* a Christian charity that believes in the teaching of “love thy neighbour”. It works over seas providing emergency aid for natural disasters. Money is raised through coffee mornings, etc.
          • *Open doors* this organisation helps persecuted Christians world wide. It distributes Bibles and other materials to people who might not have access to them, it trains religion leaders to deal with PTSD of people who have been persecuted.
    • Festivals: the British calendar is dominated by Christian festivals- Christmas and Easter means pupils have time off school, most shops also get closed.
      • People usually  celebrate other religious festivals such as Valentine’s Day and Mothering Sunday.
      • Other religious are also celebrated, in Birmingham they celebrate Eid (the end of Ramadan fasting) with 75,000 people attending.
        • Persecution of Christians: persecution means to be treated with hostility and hate because of race, political opinion or religious belief.
          • Even though Muslims are the largest group of religious people persecuted, Christians are also persecuted.
            • Islamic state have persecuted Christians and other religious  groups in countries like Iraq, Syria, etc.
          • Christians have been persecuted all over the world and Jesus told his disciples they’d have trouble convincing people Christianity is true.
          • Jesus was a martyr (someone who dies for their belief) many of his followers became martyrs.
      • Many non-religious festivals are celebrated such as Guy Fawkes, New Years, etc.
    • The church around the world: evangelism- this means to “preach the word of God”. So Christians share their beliefs for some this is a part of the religious practice, others live a life close to God and don’t try to convert others.
      • Mission: is what every Christian should do “to preach the word of God” at the time of Jesus, this was important and the disciples. Its controversial in modern day, most people believe they should be able to believe what they like.


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