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  • Christianity
    • Crucifixion
      • 1) Jesus believed he could forgive sins which angered Jewish authority.
        • 2) He was also believed to be the messiah and would save everyone. This was treason.
          • 3) He was arrested and put on a crucifix in Golgotha.
        • 4) He was mocked and had a crown of thorns around his head as he was known as "The King of the Jews"
          • 5)He died on the crucifix and darkness came over the land.
    • The Last Supper
      • 1) Jesus was celebrating Passover with his disciples.
      • 2) He told them that he was going to be sacrificed for human sin and to save everyone
      • 3) The bread represented the body and the wine represented the blood
    • Ressurection
      • 1) After Jesus was crucified his body was put in a tomb and a stone was rolled over the entrance.
      • 2) He was resurrected  and brought back to life. His tomb was found empty.
        • 3)Jesus talked to his shocked followers and told them to tell everyone he was alive.
          • 4) This teaches Christians about life and death and makes death less scary. It also shows the power of God and miracles
    • Ascension
      • 1) 40 days after the Resurrection Jesus met with his disciples often.
        • 2) Jesus ascended back to heaven to be with God once again as he had completed what he was meant to do.
    • Salvation
      • 1) Many Christians believe that Jesus suffering caused forgiveness of all sins.
        • 2) This healed the rift between God and humanity in a result of the fall.
    • Creation
      • Day 1: Light and Darkness
        • Day 2: The Sky
          • Day 3: Ocean Land and Plants.
            • Day 4:Sun Moon and stars
              • Day 5: Creatures of water and sky
                • Day 6: Animals and man kind.
              • Day 7: God Rested.
    • After Life
      • Dualism: We are made of two parts. The physical body and our spiritual soul.
        • Materialism: nothing lives but the body.
      • God breathed the soul into Adam giving humankind souls that live on after life.
    • Evil and Suffering
      • Free will gives people the right to make their own choices.
        • God will judge you on how well you lived your life.


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