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  • Rosenthal & Jacobson: Altering teachers expectations = pupil performance significantly affected
    • Interactionist Perspective on Education
      • Ball: Students with Fathers in non-manual jobs = higher band.Low band behaviour deteriorated and teacher expectations were low, meaning pupils were directed towards vocational/lower ability exams
      • Keddie: Advance knowledge withheld from lower streams .Teachers assumed lower streams had no interest in education
      • Hargreaves: nonconformist delinquent subculture
      • Mac & Ghaill - WC male groups: Macho lads: academic failures, hostile to school Academic Achievers: Academic successes from skilled WC backgrounds who were ambitious. New Enterprises: vocational curriculum as route to good job
      • Gillborn & Youdell: .WC blacks more likely in lower sets even if achieved the same. Teachers perceived WC and blacks to have lower ability even if achieving =impossible for them to reach top grades


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