Christian beliefs on abortion

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  • Christian views on abortion
    • Evangelical Christians beliefs
      • Life is hold and was given by God therefore it can only be ended by god
      • The ten commandments teach that it is wrong to end a life therefore abortion is wrong.
        • "Thou shalt not murder" (Exodus 20.13).
      • A foetus is a human being and abortion destroys its right to life. 
      • Abortion goes against the principle of the sanctity of life.
        • The sancitity of life is the Belief that life is holy and belongs to God
      • Adoption is always a better solution. Adoption preserves life and brings joy to a new family.
    • Liberal Protestant  beliefs
      • All Christians believe that abortion is wrong, but that it should be allowed under some circumstances.
      • If the mother has been *****, if the mother’s life is at risk or if the foetus is severely disabled abortion is allowed
      • Jesus taught Christians to love their neighbour as themselves and abortion could be the most loving thing to do.
        • Believed to be the most important commandment
      • If the mothers life is at risk because of the pregnancy abortion is allowed
      • If the foetus is severely disabled than abortion is allowed to prevent the child having a hard life
  • Life begins at conception,when the egg is fertilised in the ovum and it would be murder


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