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  • Christian upbringing
    • Christian parents are likely to have their babies baptised.
      • As part of this sacrament, the parents will promise to bring up their children as Christians and so encourage them to believe in God
    • Christian parents will teach their children to pray to God
    • Christian parents will take their children to worship God in church
    • Christian parents will send their children to Sunday School to learn about God and the Christian faith
    • Christian parents may send their children to a church school where they will be taught the National Curriculum in a Christian enviroment
    • Christian parents are likely to encourage their children to be confirmed as full member of the Church - the sacrament of confirmation involves lessons from the pries/minister about Christianity
    • This sacrament may involve a religious experience in the ceremony itself as the young person feels the presence of God through the prayer, vows and laying on of hands


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