Christian Festivals 

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  • Christian Festivals
    • Christmas
      • The celebration of the birth of Jesus
      • Celebrated on the 25th December. Many people gives gifts on this holiday.
    • Advent
      • The time of preparation for Christmas
      • Advent begins on the Sunday nearest 30th November
      • It I celebrated by lighting candles
      • Advent ends on the 24th of December
    • Easter
      • The most holy of all Christian festivals.
      • The day remember how Jesus resurrected
      • Most Christians go to church on this day
      • Many people celebrate Easter by giving chocolate eggs.
    • Lent
      • This is a forty day period which remembers how Jesus fasted for 40 days in the desert
      • Its is the 40 day period before easter
    • Pentecost
      • It is a celebration of when the holy spirit came to the desciples
      • It is a traditional day for baptisms and conformation of new Christians


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