animal research

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  • christian beliefs about the use of animals in medical research
    • bible teaches about stewardship and that humans have a duty of care to look after it
      • 'Rule over the Earth
      • Adam is told to 'take care of' the Earth
      • In the past animals were believed to not be as important as humans
        • Thomas Aquinas said 'animals have no soul'
    • RC and Anglicans both consider animal experimentation as crucial for pioneering new drugs- but animals must not be hurt unnecessarily
      • animal testing produced the vaccine for polio
      • Quakers are opposed to research on animals for cosmetics but they are divided on whether they should be tested on for medical purposes
        • if you love God why would you kill his creations?
        • the Golden Rule
        • sanctity of life
      • Some christians feel that humans and animals have the same love from God and therefore we should give them the same respect as humans


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