Christian Attitudes Towards Wealth & Poverty

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  • Christian Attitudes Towards Wealth & Poverty
    • A man's life does not consist of the abundance of his possessions
    • Jesus praised a rich tax-collector who decided to give half his possessions to charity & to compensate generously to anyone he had cheated
    • According to the New Testament, the love of money (not money itself) is the root of all evil
    • Nothing is directly wrong with being rich; it is how people use wealth & their attitude to possessions that matter
    • Being rich should be seen as an opportunity to be generous rather then a cause for pride
    • Christian employers should create good conditions for employment, pay fair wages & must not make profit by unfair means
    • The salvation Army & the Church Army provide hostels & drop-in centres for the homeless (soup, runs, shelter, advice, ect)
    • Wanting riches falls into temptation & their desires lead them to make foolish choices - people prioritise riches over more important aspects of life
    • You can't serve both God & money - your main priority should always be God
    • Go sell everything you have & give it too the poor & you will have treasure in heaven
    • Greed = one of the seven deadly sins
    • Miracle in the Bible - Jesus Multiplies fish for the hungry
      • Jesus Spent time with the poor who'd been shunned out of society
    • Christians should address social injustice as god is just (fair), so we should follow in his footsteps
    • Stewardship - how to look after necessities in a house & the way a person looks after resources so survive (looking after Jesus' world for him)


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