Religion, Peace and Justice

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  • Religion, Peace and Justice
    • 'Just War ' theory
      • Developed by Thomas Aquinas
        • 13th Century
      • There must be a just cause
      • To defend your people
      • Minimum force should be used to limit unnecessary harm
      • A group of  rules to guide you on whether to go to war or not
    • violence and pacifism
      • Quakers are usually Pacifists
        • Quakers argue that agape is the most important thing-violence is never acceptable
      • Pacifists are people who believe war and fighting is wrong no matter what the circumstances
      • Jesus says 'blessed are the peacemakers'
      • 'live by the sword die by the sword'
      • 'turning of the tables'
    • Justice and the aims of punishment
      • 'there is no favouritism'
      • Jesus told peter to forgive 'seventy times 7'
      • aims of punishment are:
        • Deterrence: to deter people from committing the same crime again
        • Protection: to protect innocent people from harm
        • Retribution: so society can see what had been done to punish the criminal
        • Reformation : to  give the criminal a chance to change
    • 'Sanctity of Life'


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