Christian Attitudes To Homosexuality

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  • Christian Attitudes To Homosexuality
    • Some Christians are completely against it.
      • They believe that it is unnatural and wrong.
        • There are passages in the Bible that seem to support this.
          • The Bible contains direct references, which seem to say that it is wrong.
      • Today, Many people still believe this is true, but the Church no longer teaches this. It teaches that it is not the ideal.
      • The Catholic Church teaches that homosexual sex is a sin.
    • Some Christians are completely in favour.
      • They believe it is perfectly natural, and god made all people the way they are.
        • They believe God loves everybody-just the way they are.
        • The belong to, or support a group which encourages acceptance of Gay or Lesbian people in the church.
      • They may believe the Bible was written in a different time, a different society.
        • They believe that the bible contains teachings that do not apply today.
          • Such as stoning people to death, or slavery.
        • They are simply details of what it was like then, not literal rules for today.
    • Some Christians are 'in the middle' about homosexuality.
      • They accept homosexual tendencies and desires but think homosexual sex is wrong.
      • They think homosexual relationships are sometimes acceptable when they are faithful and monogamous.
        • Some Christians interpret the passages in the bible differently.
          • They think it means some homosexual relationships are wrong. (****, adultery, or the people are not in love.)
  • They accept homosexual tendencies and desires but think homosexual sex is wrong.


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