2. Sexual ethics - introduction to marriage and Christian views of marriage and divorce

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  • Christian views of marriage and divorce
    • In identifying sexuality to be so closely identified  with our humanity, is this something to be so liberal about, or is it so valuable it needs and deserves to be preserved?
      • Separates us from animals
      • Should is be protected and preserved? Do we need to be protected from acts such as ****?
      • In countries where sex before marriage, homosexuality, etc. is illegal - a denial of basic human rights and right to expression?
      • Are we too quick in society to accept changes in behaviour? Do we have a Laissez Faire attitude?
      • Is legalised morality not way forward?  Should we aim to re-educate to promote and develop virtuous characteristics?
        • Links to virtue ethics
      • Should Sanctity of Marriage be maintained to modern society?
      • Have we redefined Marriage in legalising Gay Marriage?
      • How does society view divorce?
      • How is divorce viewed within Christianity?
    • Catholicism
      • Relationship to procreate (Natural Law) (Purpose)
      • Fidelity  marriage
      • Ordained by God
      • Sacrament - Sin is removed, love is pure and possible
      • Become New Creation
      • Unity is expressed
      • Creative - God's love for world
      • Family is an extension of domestic church
      • Life-long marriage is a sacrament - new Creation cannot be dissolved
    • Protestant
      • Not a sacrament
      • Does not have to be within Church or congregation of Church
      • Minister must be there - benediction in Church that solemnises matrimony
      • Relationship is love based, not just about children
      • Marriage is a mystery
      • Allegory of Jesus's relationship to Church
      • Church accepts sex before marriage - strengthening of relationship before marriage
    • Joseph Fletcher - Situation Ethics
      • Traditional understanding of SE is whether 'love' is being served - agape the highest form of love being that which God bestows on his people
      • Love a couple shares reflects love humans receive from God and is therefore precious
      • Provided  sex is performed responsibly, with precautions then sex  before marriage could be condoned by many  Xns
      • He recognises age at which people are sexually maturing is getting younger and younger - therefore there is a gap between when people are capable of sexual intercourse & and when it would be suitable to marry
      • Provided young Xns are mature enough, responsible enough and loving enough, then sexual intercourse before marriage is acceptable
      • Sex for a couple who are committed to each other and who love each other is permissible
      • Promiscuous sex is not OK.
    • William Barclay
      • Xn ethics should not be adapted to suit different moral codes of society
      • It should reflect absolute and unchanging nature of God's morals
      • Relaxing codes on sex before marriage encourages promiscuity
        • This brings STIs, children born out of wedlock and a lack of respect for virginity and purity
      • Bible cannot support any sexual activity outside of marriage - Fornication is condemned at least 18 times in New Testament.
        • Matthew 15:19-20: Jesus teaches sexual immorality us a sin, which comes from within, making person unclean
      • John 8:1-11: Jesus did not condemn adulteress  who had been caught in act, but did tell her to "go and sin no more"
      • Barclay portrays 2 virtues of Purity and Chastity as central to Xn way of life
      • Jesus, however, says nothing about sex before marriage


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