Christian teaching on abortion

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  • Christian teaching on abortion
    • Roman Catholic and many Evangelical Protestants believe abortion is always wrong
      • Sanctity of life: life is holy and belongs to God
      • It is murder and it goes against God's will
      • Life begins at conception
      • Every person has the right to life (a foetus is a human being)
      • Some women who have abortions can suffer from traumas leading to guilt complexes and mental illnesses
      • Adoption is a better solution
    • Other Protestants (e.g. Church of England) disagree with abortion, but in certain circumstances it is the  lesser of two evils
      • E.g. if the pregnancy is the result of rape or if her life is in danger or if the child would be handicapped and have no quality of life. Some might allow social reasons like poverty
        • Life does not begin at conception
        • Jesus's command to love your neighbour is the most important command
        • It is the duty of Christians to remove suffering
        • Christians should choose the lesser of two evils
        • They should accept medical advances which allow doctors to detect disease and suffering in foetuses. Parents should be able to have an abortion on the basis of such tests
    • Difficult situations
      • Doctrine of double effect
        • If the mother has cancer and chemotherapy would kill the foetus, this says the first effect is so save the mother's life
      • Rape
        • If the pregnancy is the result of rape, some Christians believe one sinful act should not cause another sinful act
          • It is hoped with counselling, help and adoption, good can come out of evil in the form of a new life
      • Red Letter Christians
        • They believe that Jesus would be more concerned with helping women who wanted abortions rather than banning abortions
        • They believe contraception should be made cheaper and more available and increase wages and childcare for single mothers


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