Christian response to society

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  • Christian response to issues of freedom of religious expression in society
    • Other Christians
      • Promote Christian  values within society for the benefit of all
      • its thier job to transform society by contributing to moral and social debate from their distinctive perspective
      • An approach that has been taken on by western society since the 17th century
    • Evangelical Christians
      • Emphasise the importance of personal commitment to Christ
      • Prefer separation of the Church and state, to allow a greater measure of freedom of religious expression within society
      • Obedience to secular rules is not the same as a personal relationship with God
    • Take the view that all freedom to practice any religion or none is an essential feature of society
      • everyone has a right to freedom of opinion and expression
    • A balance is required  to prevent the imposing of one specific set of religious belies on to others


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