Aquinas and Analogical Language to describe God

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  • Aquinas and Analogical language to describe God
    • Univocal Lang.
      • Words meaning the same thing in different situations
        • ie- Black bird, Black car, Black board
    • Equivocal
      • Words are used to mean different things in different situations
        • ie-Gay can mean happy or homosexuality
    • Analogical language
      • Aquinas used this as an alternative to Equivocal/Univocal lang.
      • Didn't agree w/  E+U language
    • Analogy of Attribution
      • Possible to work out God's nature by examining his creation (the world)
      • God is the source of all things in the universe
        • God is the source of all qualities he possess them in their perfection
      • Example of the Bull- it's possible to determine an animals health by looking at their urine, therefore if a bull's urine is healthy the bull will be healthy
    • Analogy of Proportion
      • Hick- the term faithful can be used when applied to a dog to his owner or a married couple, but they haven't got the same meaning
      • Trying to explain that we possess the same qualities as God (Wisdom, goodness,etc) as we are created in his likeness
    • Strengths and Weaknesses
      • The qualities it picks are only good, the world possess evil, does that mean God possess them too?
      • It isn't a new way of looking at God
      • The bridge being built between unknown and known is built by imaginary blocks


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