Christian moral principles

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  • Christian moral principles
    • Theonomous
      • Governed purely by God's command
      • Bible only source of authority
      • Humans are sinful
        • St Paul, Augustine, Calvin
        • Therefore God needs to reveal
      • Biblicists
        • Bible is the revealed word of college
          • Authors had divine intervention from God
        • Bible is infallible
          • Bible can't fail, but interpretations of it can
            • 10 commandments, sermon n the mount
              • How to live correctly
        • Literalism is a bad idea
          • Naive
            • Karl barth believes it creates a false god
      • Criticisms
        • How do we correctly interpret the Bible?
    • Heteronomous
      • Authority found by several sources
        • Church, Bible, Christians
      • Bible is very important but the church leaders and theologians provide expert opinion
        • Roman Catholics
          • Ethics can be learnt naturally as well as revealed in the Bible
          • Magisterium
            • Pope
          • Liberation theology
            • 1960/70
            • Preferential option for the poor
              • Controversial
        • Protestants
          • Authority has grown organically
          • Needs to be carry on being interpreted
          • Sermon on the mount
            • Addresses the entire Christian community
      • Criticisms
        • What sources are legitimate?
          • Who has the most authority?
    • Autonomous
      • Self governed ethics
      • There are no separate ethics
      • Bible is 'a set of 'good advice'
      • agape
        • Fletcher, situation ethics
          • Protestant
        • Christian self sacrificing love
          • If you always do the loving thing you will get good results
      • Catholic view
        • agape
          • Hans Kung
            • No difference between a Christian and a person of good will, when it comes to decisions
            • Global ethic
              • Everyone follows a loving approach
                • Criticised of undermining the magisterium
      • Criticism
        • Is love sufficient?
        • Christian ethics can't be reduced to just love


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