Christian Beliefs and Teachings

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  • Christian Beliefs + Teachings
    • Nature of God
      • Monotheism
        • Belief in One God
        • "we believe in one God"
      • God is a Creator
      • Relationship with God through Prayer
      • God is holy
        • set apart for a special purpose
      • Omnipotent
        • All-powerful
          • God created the world
      • Omnibenevolent
        • All-loving
          • "God so loved the world he gave his only son"
      • Omniscient
        • All-knowing
      • Just - fair Judge
    • Trinity
      • God is made up of the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit
    • Creation
      • God created the world and everything in it
      • 7 days
        • Many believe the creation is not scientifically accurate
      • God the father is the creator
      • Holy Spirit was active in creation
      • The word (Jesus) was present.
        • "In the beginning the word was with God"
      • Some believe he literally created the world in 6 days
      • Holy Spirit was active in creation
      • "In the beginning God created the world"
    • Incarnation
      • God becoming flesh and taking human form
        • Jesus
          • One part of the Trinity
      • "the word became flesh"
      • Jesus was fully God and fully human
      • Chrisitans believe Jesus was the Messaih a religious are Not political one
    • Crucifxion
      • Jesus' Death
      • Jesus forgave the gaurds because they did not relaise the significance of what was going on
      • "Father into your hands I commit the spirit"
    • Resurrection
      • Jesus was placed in a tomb
      • When some women came to tend the body, it was gone
      • They were told by angels that Jesus had been ressurected
    • Ascension
      • Jesus returned to Heaven to be next to his father
      • This shows that Jesus is with God


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