God and Jesus beliefs

Mind map about beliefs in God and Jesus 

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  • Christian beliefs about God
    • God
      • Supreme being
      • Omnipotent (all powerful)
      • Omnipresent (everywhere)
      • Omniscience (all knowing)
      • eternal
        • has no begging or end
      • omnibenevolent (all loving)
    • Trinity
      • The father
        • creator of everything, seen and unseen
      • The son
        • messiah, born of a virgin. Died for the sins of the world
      • The holy spirit
        • Power of God
    • Jesus
      • God incarnate, messiah
        • "the word became flesh and dwelt among us"
      • Died for the sins of the world
      • died on the cross
        • Meaning of cross to Christians is that God incarnate suffered for the sins of the world.
        • The cross is where sins are healed
      • was resurrected
        • Sin and death are defeated and the body will be made anew in eternal life with Jesus


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