Christian attitudes to equal rights for women in Religion

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  • Christian attitudes to equal rights for women in Religion
    • Catholic attitudes
      • Men and women have equal roles in life and society
      • Women are allowed to study at theological colleges and can become extraordinary ministers
      • Women can visit the sick and sometimes can take funerals
      • But only men can be ordained as Priest as they must represent Jesus at the Mass
    • Reasons for Catholic attitudes
      • Men and women in Genesis were both made in the image of God and have equal status in the eyes of God
      • The Catholic Catechism teaches that men and women are equal and have equal rights in society
      • 1971 a report called Justice in the World was issued and it called for women to participate in and share responsibility for the life of society and the church
      • Catechism teaches that only men can be Priests as all apostles were men and bishops are successors of apostles
    • Traditional attitudes of Protestant Christianity
      • Evangelical Protestants  teach that men and women have separate and different roles and so cannot have equal rights in religion
      • Women should bring up children and run a Christian home
      • Men should provide for the family and lead the family in religion
      • Women should speak in church and must submit to their husbands
      • Men should loves their wives, but only men can be leaders in church
      • Reasons
        • New Testament St Paul teaches that women should not teach or speak in church
        • Adam and Eve shows that men have been given more right by God as he was created first and Eve was led astray by Satan
        • Jesus did have women followers but he only chose men as his apostles
        • It is tradition of the church to only men have leadership rights in the churhc
    • Modern attitudes of Protestant Christianity
      • Most Protestant churches now accept that men and women should have equal rights
      • There are now female ministers and priests in the following churches: CofE, Methodist, United Reformed Church and Baptist
      • Reasons
        • Creation story: God created man and woman at the same time with equal status and in the image of God
        • Some of the letters of St Paul it teaches that in Christ there is neither male or female so men and women should have equal rights
        • Jesus treated women as equals
        • Some evidence that women were priests in the early church. The council of Laodiccea banned female priests in the 4th century, they wouldn't of banned something that didn't exist


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