Chris Watts

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  • Chris Watts, analysis
    • Pauses
      • Chris Watts pauses too many times. Within his first conversation, he pauses throughout, repeats, and pauses again. These pauses show his worry and his attempt to think of something else to say
        • These pauses come to be apparent when you discover that he was the perpetrator.
    • Repetitions
      • He always repeats himself, talking about wanting them to be safe, how he was messaging and calling his wife Sian, and that his wife must have just left through her own accord
      • These repetitions also co-inside with tautology: for example, he says "like if she doesn't get back to me that's fine like she's busy during the day" and he continues to repeat about if they are "not safe", and makes himself look like a grieving father, saying "i just had every light in the house on" and "I was hoping that I would just get ran over by the kids" - then why isn't he out looking for them instead of doing interviews ?
    • Paralinguistics
      • Laughs
        • Laughing after a sentence containing a lie is a clear sign of lying - it's the classic of "you're laughing after you lied" scenario. Chris says "I just want them back" then laughs, which is not something a father who's family had gone missing would do
      • Rocks back and forth
        • This shows discomfort and how he just wants to get away - this is the same with his both very intense eye contact or darting his eyes away - he wants to prove to the interviewers that he is telling the true, as well as break that contact for his own wellbeing and look for an exit -  Derek Van Schaik, a body language expert, says that we look for possible exits when we are nervous so we know where to get away, and where we would rather be, which is away from that situation.
      • Red faced
        • Clearly nervous and embarrassed
      • Either lots of blinking or non at all
        • This is a very obvious sign of lying - if you blink too much you are trying to act "normal", but it doesn't work - the lack of blinking is you trying to think as hard as you can to construct your lie, and again, with the intense eye contact to try and convince the other person
      • Biting or licking his lips
        • This is a sign of keeping something in and hiding the truth - licking of the lips is to stop them from being dry after a stressful time and lying so much
    • At one stage, Chris is rather snappy with the interviewer - he asks whether he had an argument with his wife, where he replies quick with "it wasn't like an argument we had an emotional conversation"
    • The interviewer
      • He asks now leading questions; just short and simple
        • This is an interesting point to make - instead of pushing ideas onto Chris, they just ask questions like "what's going on" and "do you think she just took off" - the only question that could be considered to be "leading" is "did you guys get into an argument", but this came to be true


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