Choreographic skills

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  • Choreographic Skills
    • Action
      • travel       turn  elevation  gesture stillness different body -  parts           floor work  transfer of weight.
    • Space
      • pathways  levels directions  size of -movement  patterns   design
    • Dynamics
      • fast/slow sudden/ sustained acceleration/ deceleration strong/light  direct/indirect flowing/abrupt.
    • Relationships
      • lead and - follow  mirroring  action and - reaction accumulation complement  and contrast  counterpoint  contact  formations.
    • Structure
      • binary  ternary  rondo  narrative  episodic  beginning/ middle/end unity       logical -sequence  transitions.
    • Devices
      • motif and development repetition  contrast  highlights  climax  manipulation - of number  unison and - canon.
    • Aural setting
      • song  instrumental  orchestral  spoken word  silence  natural sound  found sound  body - percussion.
    • Performance Environments
      • proscenium -arch           end stage  site-sensitive   in-the-round.


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