Chomsky's Model

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  • Chomsky's Model
    • Study of Language
      • Signed and spoken language is genetically programmed into individuals.
      • Claims that certain linguistic structures which children use so accurately must already be imprinted into a child's mind.
        • Children are born with a structure in their brains that allows them to acquire and produce language.
      • Arrangement of Words - Children have then only to learn new vocab and apply the syntactic structures from the LAD  to form sentences.
      • Chomsky points out that a child could not learn a language through copying alone. Adult's speech is often broken up.
      • He proposed there is a critical period for first language development in the first years of life.
    • Chomsky
      • Stated that as children are 'preprogramed' to acquire language that it evolves naturally in the same way that children have ability to stand and walk.
      • Theory applies to all languages as they contain nouns, verbs, consonants and vowels and children appear to be 'hard-wired' to acquire grammar.
      • However, all children, regardless of their intellectual ability, become fluent in their native language with five or six years.


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