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  • Cholera 19 Century
    • Conditions
      • poor people lived in slums close together
      • Water used was mixed with human filth
    • Theories
      • Believed to be a result of miasma from sewage or rotting corpses
      • four humours
        • wouldn't work, only increase dehydration
        • bled victims or prescribed laxatives
    • Recovery
      • Poor: prayer or care in local charity hospitals
    • 1854 John Snow
      • investigating disease since 1848
        • theory: cholera was caught by ingestion
          • swallowing water contaminated w/ cholera faeces
      • investigated epidemic Soho, London
        • 500 dead=10 days
        • inspected water pump on broad street
          • mapped out death by cholera near pump
            • >80% cholera suffers used pump


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