Choice Architecture

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  • Choice Architecture
    • choice architecture is a framework setting out different ways in which choices could be presented to consumers, and the impacts of that presentation on choice
    • governments can use behavioural insights to design choice architecture so that citizens are nudged to opt for choice that are deemed to be in their best interest. this would achieve a socially desirable option
    • farming is the tendency for people to be influenced by the context in which the choice is presented when making a decision
    • Choice
      • default choice: an option that is selected automatically unless an alternative is specified
      • restricted choice: means offering people a limited number of options so that they are not overwhelmed by the complexity of the situation
        • therefore, making poorly-thought-out decisions or no decisions at all
      • mandate choice: means people are required by law to make a decision and not just go along with the default position
    • Behavioural Interventions
      • - Nudge
      • - Smack
      • - Shove
      • - Hug
      • Heuristics
        • these are mental short cuts or rules of thumb for our decision making to help people make a quick satisfactory answer to a complex question
        • these aren't always perfect + Ger G. argues that heuristics can be an optimum way to make decisions on occasions where we lack information or time


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