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  • Chloroplasts
    • structure
      • disc shaped between 2-10ym long
      • each is surrounded by a double membrane- envelope
      • outer membrane is permeable to many small ions
      • inner membrane is less permeable and has transport proteins embedded in it
        • inner membrane is folded into lamellae which are stacked to form grana
    • thykaloid
      • has a large surface area to have many photosynthetic pigments e.g. ATPsynthase and electron carriers
      • all of theses things are needed for the light dependent reactions
      • proteins in the grana hold the photosystems in place
      • seen with an electron microscope
    • stroma
      • is a fluid filled matrix and the light independent happens here
      • RUBISCO is found here
      • stroma has starch grains, oil droplets, DNA and ribosomes
    • grana
      • stacks of flattened thylakoid membrane
      • surrounded by the stroma so ATP and NADH can move to stroma for Calvin cycle


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