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  • Anaesthetics
    • James Simpson
      • Obstetrician and pioneer of using chloroform as an anaesthetic
      • First person to deliver a baby using anaesthetic
      • Known for giving a decanter of chloroform to his friends to test dose rates.
        • Guests were found unconscious the next morning
      • Within weeks of proving chloroform  worked it was used throughout Europe
    • Chloroform
      • 1848 - Newcastle woman dies from overuse of chloroform
      • John Snow uses chloroform on Queen Victoria in 1853
      • John Snow discovers the safe dosage (one third of a teaspoon) and created an inhaler
      • Used first in 1847 in an operation
    • People still believed that pain was a punishment from God and were afraid of experimental operations
      • Acceptance from influential figures (like Queen Victoria) helped with approval


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