Chile Earthquake

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  • Chlie Earthquake 2010
    • Social Impacts
      • 500 people were killed and 12,000 were injured.
      • Some buildings were completely destroyed.
      • 500,000 homes were damaged.
      • Many homes lost power.
    • Economic Impacts
      • Chile's copper mines suffered little damage.
        • This is also an economic impact as the copper mines were crucial for the economy.
      • Santigo's airport was slightly damaged.
    • Environmental Impacts
      • Several pacific countries were hit by the tsunami.
      • A fire broke out at a chemical plant on the outskirts of Sanitago.
    • Primary Responses
      • A national telethon raised $60 million dollars to help build small emergency shelters for those in need.
      • The Route 5 highway was temporarily repaired the dat after the earthquake.
    • Secondary Responses
      • After a terrible earthquake in 1960, all new  buildings were built to withstand earthquakes.
      • Regular disaster drills are held.
      • A reconstruciton plan was put in place a montth after to earthquake to reconstruct the 196,000 homes damaged.


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