Chinese One-Child Policy

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  • Chinese One-Child Policy
    • Causes
      • Famine, caused by too-rapid industrialization, which meant that too many people left farming for the city.
      • Population was unsustaiable-not enough resources for the amount of people
      • Birth rate was well above replacement level-expanding rapidly
      • Lack of resources-tooo many people to provide for
    • Consequences
      • Positive
        • The predicted famine didn't happen
        • Standards of living are higher due to new jobs and small families
        • More money-women have careers
      • Negative
        • Gender inbalance
          • Can be 170 men to 100 women-men can't marry
        • Female infanticide-baby girls abandoned to die
        • Spoiled only children- 'Little Emperor' syndrome
    • Exceptions
      • Multiple births from a single pregnancy
      • Minority ethnic groups
      • Disabled parents
      • Farmers (if the first child was a girl-boys are needed to work)
    • Enforcement
      • Pay cuts for fellow workers if they had a second child
      • 'Granny police' check on couples, and take women to contraception appointments
      • Women can be forced to have abortions as late as 9 months
      • Local officials and the government rule private lives
    • Rules
      • Must have 1 successful pregnancy
      • Must not marry until late 20s
      • Must be sterilised after first child or abort future pregnancies
      • Would receive a 5 to 10% salary rise for a single child
      • Would get priority housing, pension and family benefits
    • Consequences of Disobeying
      • 10% salary cut
      • A fine that could bankrupt households
      • Forced to pay for education and healthcare
      • Second children born abroad were not allowed to become Chinese citizens


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