China's population policy since the 1990's

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  • China's population policy since the 1990's
    • What policy stated
      • couple must not marry until late 20s
      • only 1 successful pregnancy allowed
      • women sterilised after birth or future babies aborted
      • a child born abroad isn't penalised but can't become a chinese citizen
    • Benefits to couple
      • longer maternity leave
      • better housing
      • free education
      • 5-10% salary rise
      • better pension
      • women have more time to focus on their career so achieve more
    • Changes to policy
      • rural areas- couples could have a second child if first was a girl or disabled (to help on farm)
      • if one parent has a disability, second child is allowed, to help look after parents
    • Problems
      • "granny police" spied on women and accompanied them to contraception appointments to make sure they went
      • women pressured to have abortions up to 9 months
      • government had power over private lives
      • sons favoured, girls placed in orphanages
      • spoilt children "little emperors"
      • 60 million more men than women
      • rich people can afford to pay the fine and have more than one child
    • Problems for those with more than one child
      • 10% salary cut
      • fine imposed which could bankrupt families
      • no free health care or education
      • fellow worker also given pay cuts making couple's life very difficult
    • Effectiveness
      • natural increase has slowed but might be because country has gotten richer
      • 400 million births prevented
      • famine has not happened again
      • sufficient food and jobs
      • standards of living have risen
      • millions out of poverty


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