China's One Child policy

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  • China's One Child Policy
    • Why it was introduced
      • Change of ruler- Chairman Mao -> Deng Xiaping
        • Believed that overcrowded was to blame for a stagnant economy
      • China home to 1/4 of the worlds population
    • How it was enforced
      • Women regularly checked for pregnancy
      • Rewards
        • Higher Wages
        • Interest free loans
        • Retirement funds
        • Priority housing + school enrollments
      • Penalties
        • Fines from $370 to $12,800
          • Abducted infants + use of violence to collect fines
        • Pressures to abort pregnancies
          • 2009, 35000 abortions
          • 25% of women at reproductive age have had at least 1 abortions
        • Confiscated belongings
        • Getting fired from work
    • Impact on the population
      • Policy has prevented 400 million births from the late 1970's
      • Birth rate dropped-4.77 per woman (1970) to 1.64 (2011)
    • Problems
      • Social
        • Gender balance of chinese population disstorted
        • Kids are spoilt and thankless
        • When parents get older they will only have one child who can look after them however woman go with their husbands so there will be no one to look after the parents
        • 76% of population support policy-not everyone likes it
        • 336m abortions
        • Policy resisted in rural areas, where it was traditional to have large families to work the land (hard to control here)
        • Large number of female babies left homeless, in orphanages or killed
          • In 2000, 90% of feotuses aborted were female
      • Economic
        • Fewer young people able to work
    • Benefits
      • Cheaper to only have 1 child
      • China's population would shrink to less than 200m withina century
      • Economic development
      • Less overcrowding
    • More recent changes
      • November 2013 Beijing announced that couples are allowed to have 2 children if 1 parent is an only child
        • Change from both parents having to be only children


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