China's One Child Policy

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  • China's One Child Policy
    • Why was it introduced?
      • It was introduced in 1979 due to the increase in the population which was concentrated in the South and East and so therefore was putting pressure on the food and land, meaning that there would soon be a shortage of resources, overcrowding and famine.
    • How does it work ?
      • It works on a reward/penalty basis.
        • Reward
          • Free healthcare, and education as well as priority housing.
          • 5/10% increase in salary.
        • Penalty
          • 10% salary cut.
          • Large Fine.
          • No free healthcare or education.
      • It is promoted by a massive advertising campaign.
    • What does the policy state ?
      • Couples must have only one successful pregnancy.
      • Couples aren't allowed to get married until they are in their 20s.
      • Couples must use contraception readily or if they do get pregnant - abort the 2nd baby.
      • The women must be sterilised after her 1st baby.
    • Recent Changes
      • If both parents are only children they are allowed a 2nd child to alleviate the dependency ratio.
      • A 2nd child is allowed if the first child dies or has major health problems.
      • Farm labourers are allowed a 2nd child if their first is a girl and they need a boy to help on the farm.
      • Ethnic minorities are exempt.
    • Successes
      • It has reduced population growth and prevented 400 million births.
      • China is expected to reach 0 population growth by 2025
      • China's fertility rate has fallen.
      • The famine didn't happen
      • With less time for childcare women have more time to concentrate on their career.
    • Problems
      • Disobedience of the policy.  Many people were able to hide the fact that they had more than one child.
      • People cheated the system.  People who were rich enough just paid the fine.
      • It ignored basic human rights.  No couple had the choice of whether they wanted more than 1 child.
        • Abortions can be very late and so many think it is inhumane/murder.
      • There is a gender imbalance.  118 boys to 100 girls.
        • Chinese prefer boys to girls and so therefore many girls are aborted.
      • China has an increasingly ageing population.


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