China's One Child Policy 

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  • China's One Child Policy
    • Basic Facts
      • 1950- 1960 population grew rapidly so in 1979 they got the one child policy.
      • In 1970 the population was 1 billion and now its 1.37 billion.
    • What is the policy?
      • People in china are only allowed one child.
      • Why did the policy develop?
        • There wasn't enough food.
        • There wasn't enough energy.
        • There wasn't enough water.
      • People were rewarded for only having one child.
      • People with more that one child are fined.
        • They had to abort and have sterilization.
    • Social Impacts
      • A Chinese child will look after 2 parents and 4 grandparents or 4 parents and 8 grandparents.
      • Children wont have siblings
      • Girls are abandoned because boys are preferred
      • By 2020 men will outnumber women.
    • Economic Impacts
      • Rising older population leads to more medical and financial support.
      • Elderly will outnumber the younger population.
      • China's economy wont have enough workers to expand businesses.
    • The future
      • If you live in the countryside and you have a girl you can try for a boy.
        • Due to the fact boys stay with the parents to care for them.
      • If both parents are only children you can try for a boy if your first child was a girl.
      • Rules don't apply to an ethnic minority.


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