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  • China Population
    • One child policy
      • Couples can only have one child due to population density
        • Due to traditional preferences for boys large amounts of female children are found homeless, in orphanages or killed.
          • Female infanticide
          • In 2000, it was reported that 90 per cent of foetuses aborted in China were female.
          • The gender balance of the Chinese population has become distorted. Today it is thought that men outnumber women by more than 60 million.
            • Males are thought to be better as they are meant to go out to work and take care of there parents as they get older.
    • The west is Sparsely Populated such as Tibet
      • Densely Populated in the east such as Shang hai
    • China's one-child policy has been somewhat relaxed in recent years. Couples can now apply to have a second child if their first child is a girl, or if both parents are themselves only-children
      • While China's population is now rising more slowly, it still has a very large total population (1.3 billion in 2008) and China faces new problems
        • the falling birth rate - leading to a rise in the relative number of elderly peoplefewer people of working age to support the growing number of elderly dependants - in the future China could have an ageing population
    • China is a BRIC country not LEDC or MEDC


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