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  • China
    • CBR = 13/1000
      • population contnues to grow despite drop in fertility. China will have an ageing population in future.
    • CDR = 17/1000
    • stage 3 in DTM
    • very youthful population (10-25) region
    • Mortality rates are falling, females that would have died in childhood are now living to reproductive age
    • Women in urban areas have fewer children due to 1 child policy, are educated, marry later and aware of contraception.
    • anti-natalist policy
    • one child policy
      • in 1950+ the chinese became worried about their population. they ddint want to deal with starvation and misery in future and they realised that living standards couldbe raised by controlling population.
      • In 1950-1959 chairman Mao believed that a large population leads to a strong population and encouraged more children. In 1959 there was a serious famine killing 20 million.
      • in 1960-1972, after the famine, there was a population boom, it increased by 55 million every year, Nothing was done to reduce this.
      • in 1974-1979 there was a policy change. People were encouraged to reduce birth rate.
      • in 1979 the government introduced the 1 child policy. strict limits were setwho and when people could have children. pressure was put on women to use contraception. Enforced abortions and sterilisations became common. polocy was successful in urban areas but not rural.Infanticide occured. people whowanted boys would kill their baby girls. The dominance of male babies led to the 'little emporer'syndrome, whereby the child had the attention of the family on him.There are believed tobe 10 million 'missing' girls from the chinese population
      • 1990+ the policy has been slightly relaxed. partly because it was difficult to enforce and because they didnt want an ageing population. The increase of communications has led to a greater social influence from the West.


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