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  • China
    • increased number of cars
      • increased pollution and traffic congestion
    • increased demand for consumer products
      • increased shopping centres
      • demand on environment for space
    • air pollution
      • cause high numbers of death 750,000
      • coal major source of power
    • water pollution
      • many people not access to safe water
      • 90%ground water polluted
      • most of their rivers are polluted
    • Efforts to protect enviroment
      • Green wall
      • Create nature reserves is new aim
    • ecology
      • many species of plants and animals at risk of becoming extinct
    • forests
      • high deforestation
    • soil
      • over used so becomes infertile
      • requires more fertilisers, damages water and soil
        • long term
      • farmers produce more valuable produce therefore no need to import rice and wheat
    • urban areas sprending


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