One Child Policy, China

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  • China
    • Problems?
      • Women were forced to have abortions.
      • Women were placed under a lot of pressure, 'granny police'.
      • Local officials/central government had control over people's private lives.
    • Benefits?
      • The famine never happened.
      • Population growth slowed so people had enough food and jobs.
      • Increased technology/exploitation of natural resources has increased living standards for many.
    • Why was it needed?
      • Strong population growth.
        • Extreme poverty, lack of food and drinking water.
        • Over cultivation, famine, unemployment.
        • Overcrowding in cities, traffic congestion.
    • The Policy?
      • 'One child per family'.
        • Marriageable age for men at 22 and women at 20.
        • Must be sterilised after first child OR must abort future pregnancies.
        • Family planning available.


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