Children In care

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  • Children in Care
    • reasons children taken away from their family homes because
      • The parents are unable to look after the child because they are ill or in hospital
      • There is evidence of neglect
      • Evidence of abuse
      • Residential care
        • They are short term care within a family structure as many kids within them have never experienced that structure
        • Special support or treatment might be needed which only the trained staff in these homes can deal with
        • Children in the same family have to be kept together
        • Abuse has occurred in their family making it unsuitable to live with another
    • Foster care
      • When a child is fostered they are placed with another family that will care and support them and treat them as part of the family
      • Foster parents do not have legal rights over the child
      • They are paid an allowance for their expenses in caring for their child. It can be long term or short care
      • More children placed here as it is thought to be better as:
        • It gives the child of a family structure and opportunity to develop relationship with family members
        • Allows the child to develop as an individual
        • Given more attention as to where there are many children in residential care
      • Foster parents have to
        • Allow access to child's biological parents if it is in child's best interests
        • Bringing child up in their own religion
    • Adoption
      • Adoption is legal process where adults become legal parents of a child that is not biologically theirs.
      • Parents have legal rights and responsibilities
      • Less babies for adoption due to social changes: increasing birth control, improved support for single mothers out of wedlock
        • Society much more accepting of babies born outside marriage


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