Chilhood vs Adult in Tess, Blake and As You Like It

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  • Childhood Vs Adulthood
    • Tess of the d'Urbervilles
      • in the course of the novel, Tess makes the transition from childhood to adulthood
        • "untrodden as yet by tourist or landscape painter"
          • reflects her pure state before the ****
        • "red ribbon"
          • she wore this at the start of the novel, when she was a child, and the colour red shows her capacity for passion and how she is ready for love and so adulthood
        • she was still innocent up until the ****
          • "a child's child"
          • "why didn't you warn me?" "you did not help me!"
          • "dangerous young females like yerself"
    • Songs of Innocence and Experience
      • with adulthood comes the loss of innocence
        • "if all do their duty, they need not fear harm"-SOI
          • this seems like something an adult has told the chimney sweeper, is a lie
        • "children walking two and two"-SOI
          • links to noah's ark, they are pure
          • led to their downfall? experience, death?
        • "they clothed me in the clothes of death"-SOE
        • "led him by his little coat"-SOE
        • "saw what i never had seen"-SOE
      • children can say the wisest things
        • "my mother taught me underneath a tree"-SOI
        • "we may learn to bear the beams of love"-SOI
        • "they clothed me in the clothes of death"-SOE
        • "Father, how can i love you, or any of my brothers more?"-SOE
        • "Happy as birds in the spring"-SOE
        • "under a cruel eye outworn"-SOE
        • "O! it drives all joy away"-SOE
    • As You Like It
      • With adulthood comes scepticism and pessimicism
        • "the worst fault you have is to be in love"- Jaques
        • "being old thou canst not guess"
          • because this comes from silvius, it is not reliable and could be untrue
        • "many young men flock to him everyday"
          • just as with age comes pessimism, the young are naive and foolish, this quotation shows how the 'young' are foolish and like sheep
      • "i never loved my brother in my life"
        • oliver may have carried this hate with him through childhood to adulthood. However, he may be overexaggerating


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