childhood relationships / adult relationships

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  • childhood relationships / adult relationships A02/3
    • IDA unethical to carry out experiments about deprivation with children , use of animals primates, Harlow et al rhesus monkeys deprived of peer interaction, adequate adult interaction> social inadequacies as adults - social and sexual
    • IDA Determinism research such as Simpson et al early experiences > fixed effect in later life. Free Will Simpson et al  found cases of individuals =  difficult infant attachments/ happy adults
    • Simpson et al longitudinal study 25 yrs, infancy, childhood, adolescence,adult  - support romantic emotions as adult relate t o early attachments self reporting social desirability bias/ experimenter bias reliability internal validity
    • Roisman et al dating in adolescence no effect on dating at 30 , not building blocks
    • Haynie adolescent relationships = negative effect increase deviance by < 35% Neerman = negative effects academic achievement
    • methodology A03 many studies rely on restricted group of individuals make it difficult to generalise wider pop.
    • Fraley meta analysis Fraley supports  positive correlation  early attachment style and adult relationships -attachment. However current relationship might determine attachment type i.e. happily married = secure attachment. Hazan found break ups = shift secure >insecure attachment
    • Berenson abused children problems in adult relationshipsrejection, emotional distancing only if person reminded them of abusive parent. transference > inappropriate behaviour patterns future relationships
    • gender differences  child hood friendships boys competitive, result of competitive play, girls co operation and sharing however also said many similarities also


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