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  • Childhood
    • The raesons for the changes in the postion of children.
      • The growth of the idea of children rights gives parents responsibilities rather than rights
      • Child protection actd made agencies like social services
      • Declining family size and lower infant mortality rates make parents give a bigger emotional and financial invesment.
      • The introduction of compulsary schooling has had more of an affect on working and middlie class
      • Childrens health and development became the subject of medical knowledge
      • Laws restricting child labour and excluding children from paid work, which restriced children becoming economic assests and earning a wage.
      • Laws that apply to children shows the age gap.
    • Punch found that children take responsibility from an early age, and tasks are taken on without any question or hesitation. from her studies
      • Simirely Holmes found that if children thought they could do a task they did it without parents object, whether that be handling dangerous machinary or carrying heavy loads.
    • Aries argued that in the middle ages childhood did not exist and children were not seen as having a differant nature or needs from adults.
      • Aries argued that schools were made paurely for the education of the young, and that child centredness my have been an upcoming thing since 18th century.
      • Aries arguse that wehave moved fom a world that did not care about childhood to a one that is obsessed with it.
      • Aries has been critcised for saying childhood is a new thing as some sociologist like ******* say childhood always existed but older generations had a differant notion of childhood today.
    • Shorter found that parental attitudes towards children in the middle ages were very differant. As he said high death rates encourged neglect especialy as a baby.
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