Childhood is negative

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  • Childhood is negative
    • sue palmer
      • toxic childhood
      • electronic babysitters
        • too much junk food, technology
      • overtesting
      • exposed to adult information
      • toxic cocktail of factors
    • Frank freudi
      • cotton-wool generation
        • children grow up to be too anxious or too confident and don't know how to deal with risk taking
      • blames the media
        • makes parents overprotective,anxious
        • over expose to child murders
    • Neil postman
      • blames the media
      • no longer an information hierarchy
      • exposed to adult knowledge
      • lines between adulthood and childhood blurring again
    • Diana gittins
      • age patriachy
        • over regulate space time bodies and resources
    • inequality
      • gender
        • boys encouraged to spend more time outside
        • girls expected to help with domestic work
      • ethinicty
        • Asian children faced with high expectations
        • street children in india
      • class
        • middle class better schools, cultural and material advantages
        • working class poorer schools deprivation more likely to die younger/ health issues


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