Childhood in modern britain

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  • Childhood in modern Britain
    • Roles and responsibilities
      • Innocent and not exposed to the real world
      • Central to the family
      • Little to no responsibility
      • No work and longer compulsory education
      • Pester power and consumerism
    • Concerns and legal rights
      • More recent governments have emphasised policy for children
        • UNCRC (1989)
        • 2004 children's act
      • Moral panic
        • Frank Furedi (2001): this is unnecessary and created by the media
        • Hugh Cunningham (2007): The home habitat of eight year olds is one ninth of its size 25 years ago
      • Child experts
        • Medical,psychological and educational experts
        • Suggest how children should be raised
    • Power
      • Financial dependency
        • No full time employment until at least 16
      • The laws
        • Still give parents authority and control over children
      • No adult rights
        • No full adult rights e.g. no vote
      • Decision-making
        • Big decisions usually made by adults with little regard for kids
      • Abuse
        • Many suffer physical, emotional or sexual abuse by relatives


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