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  • Childhood
    • Cross- Cultural Variations
      • BENEDICT - found in non-industrial society kids are less divied
      • PUNCH - 5 year old in Bolivia work and sexual behaviours are different.
        • Kids take responsibility at early age.
      • POSTMAN - in the middle-ages speech was needed to for adult perception Media and word gave power to hid sex, violence etc
      • Less value is placed on children showing obedience to adult authority
      • Sexual behaviour is often viewed differently.
    • Social Construct
      • ARIES - children are 'fragile creatures of god' that need protection. Saw distinction of clothes. 'cult of childhood' now see as special but didn't before
      • PILCHER - key of childhood is that it's seperate (society is child-centred) have fewer kids and more time for the kids they have, laws to protect, consumers so social contruct.
      • JAMES AND PROUT - immature is biological fact but society adds meaning (social construct) Kids are active in creating childhood
    • Reason for changing position
      • Smaller families
      • Laws
      • Child consumer market
      • Welfare state support
      • Higher standard of living
      • Shorter working week
    • March of Progress View
      • Position of kids in western society has slowly improved
      • Paints a dark picture of the past
        • Lower level of childcare, highly likely to be killed, abandoned, beaten, terrorised and sexually abused
      • ARIES AND SHORTER - today's kids are more valued and cared for.
      • More child-centred in society
      • MAUSE - history of childhood is nightmare
    • Conflict View
      • Marxist and feminists would agree
      • March of Progress ignores dark side in modern childhood
      • Gender Issues
        • HILLMAN - boys are likely to be allowed to cycle at night
      • Not all kids have the same status and opportunity
      • FIRESTONE - viewed a positive as form of oppression (paid work inequality)
      • Ethical Issues
        • BRENNAN - studies show Asian parents to be more strict
    • PALMER (TOXIC CHILDHOOD)The future of childhood - working parents have less time, damage from technological change. lead to deviant issues (binge drinking, illegal sex, self-harm)
    • POSTMAN (DEATH OF CHILDHOOD ) - same rights as adults similar clothing and 'adult' crime so rise and fall of print culture so childhood dissappears


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