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  • Childhood
    • childhood as a social construct
      • expressed through laws-childhood is a 'golden age' of happiness
      • cross-cultural differences in childhood
        • anthropologist; Ruth Benedict(1934), children are often treated differently from their modern western counterparts
          • 1)they take responsibility at an early age 2)less value is placed on children showing obedience to adult authority 3)children's sexual behaviour is often viewed differently
      • the globalisation of western childhood
        • western norms of what childhood; separate life stage
      • historical differences in childhood
        • Philippe Aries- middle ages; idea of childhood did not existed. children are miniadults
  • the modern cult of childhood
    • Aries argues that we have moved from a world that did not see childhood as in any way special, to a world that is obsessed with children-'century of the child'
      • some sociologists have criticised Aries for arguing that childhood did not exist in the past


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