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  • chemisty
    • Rates of Reaction and Equilibrium
      • you can measure rate of chemical reaction by monitoring the amount of reactants used up over time.
      • Alternatively you can measure the rate of reaction by measuring the amount of products made over time.
    • Collision Theory and surface area
      • Particles must collide, with a certain minimum amount of energy  this is called activation energy of reaction.
      • The rate of chemical reaction increases if the surface area to volume ratio of any solid reactants increases.
    • The effects of temperature
      • Reaction happen more quickly as the temperature increases.
        • increases temperature also increases the rate of reaction because particles collide more frequently and energetically
    • The effect of concentration and pressure
      • increasing the concentration of reactants  in solutions increases the frequency of collisions between particles and so increases rate of reaction
    • The effect of catalyst
      • A catalyst speeds up the rate of reaction, but is not used up itself n the reaction.It remains chemically unchanged.
        • they're used whenever possible in industry to increase rates or reaction and too reduce energy costs.


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