Chemistry Topic 8, Acids and Alkalis

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  • Chemistry Topic 8 Acids and Alkalis
    • in neutral solutions the concentration of H=OH.
    • hydrogen pops with a lit splint
    • water contains few ions so has a low electrical conductivity.
    • Effects:  errodes limestone buildings, corrodes unprotected metal structures, kills fish and plants in lakes and kills trees.
    • Sulphur Dioxide reacts with water to produce acid rain. (sulphurus acid)
    • pure water and neutral solutions have a pH of 7
    • Alkalis
      • group 1+2 metal oxides and hydroxides which dissolve in water form alkalis.
      • alkalis pH more than 7
      • Common lab alkalis: LiOH, NaOH, KOH, Ba(OH)2 and NH4OH
      • contains ions so has high electrical conductivity
      • Alkalis contain OH-
      • contains more OH- than pure water
    • Acids
      • non metal oxides which dissolve in water form acids
      • acid ph less than 7
      • Common lab acids: HCL AND HNO3 AND H2SO4
      • contains ions so has high electrical conductivity
      • acids contain H+
      • contains more H+ than pure water


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