Chemistry Unit 2

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  • Chemistry
    • Structure and Bonding
      • Covalent Bonding (Non Metal + Non Metal)
        • Strong Bonds High Melting Point,High Boiling Point
        • Weak Bonds Low Melting Point,Low Boiling Point, No Electrical Charge
      • Ionic Bonding (Metal + Non Metal)
        • Strong Bonds High Melting Point, High Boiling Point
        • Weak Bonds Low Melting Point, Low Boiling Point, Conducts Electricity At A Liquid State
      • Metallic Bonding
        • When the metal atoms are packed together the outer electrons delocalise allowing it to strongly attract the positive ions
    • Structure and Properties
      • Diamonds
        • High Melting Points, Not a Conductor of electricity, extremely hard
        • Used for gemstone,dental drills and scalpals
      • Graphite
        • High Melting Point, High Boiling Point, 1 Delocalised electrons
    • Rates and Energy
      • The gradient of the slope of the line shows us the speed increase
      • Particles collide with a certain amount of energy before they can react
        • An activation energy is required to start a chemical reaction
      • Factors Which Affect Or Increase The Chance Of Reaction
        • Temperature, Concentration Of Solutions, Pressure Of Gasses, Surface Area Of Solids,Using a Catalyst
      • Catalyst speeds up the rate of reaction without being used up
        • Different catalyst are needed for different reactions
          • Increase the rate of reaction and reduce energy costs
    • Salt and Electrolysis


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