Chemistry: rocks

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  • Chemistry: rocks
    • Sedimentaryrocks
      • Are rocks or animal remains that fall on to a sea bed and gradually build up, inside there are fossils and everything.
    • Igneous rocks
      • Made from molten lava under ground, it cools down slowly creating a rock.
    • Metamorphic rocks
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      • sedimentary and igneous rocks are heated and crushed down to create metamorphic rocks such as granite.
    • Physical weathering
      • Changes such as freezing, thawing and weather issues such as rain, wind etc...
    • Chemical weathering
      • A process of which acid rain falls on rocks and carbon dioxide from the air slowly dissolves it Minerals in the rock may react with it causing the rock to become weathered
    • Biological Weathering
      • Where animals and plants wear away the rocks for example: burrowing animals such as rabbits can burrow into a crack in a rock and make it bigger eending up with the rock splitting.


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