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  • Chemistry 3.1.3
    • Natures
      • Covalent
        • both atoms share a pair of electrons
        • Between two non metals
      • Ionic
        • Attraction between oppositely charged ions in a latice
        • Between a metal and non-metal only
      • Metalic
        • A lattice of positively charged ions in a sea of electrons(delocalised electrons)
        • only occurs Between two metals
    • Bond Polarity
      • electronegativity
        • The ability for an atom to withdraw electron density from a covalent bond
        • Each atom has a slight charge
          • Displayed as ?
          • Effected by Attraction from nucleus
            • Therefore, atoms with the highest electronegativity is the top right of the periodic table
              • Effected by electron shielding
          • Effected by electron shielding
      • Electron distribution in covalent bonds
        • non polar
        • polar
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